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Yocan Evolve 2.0 Vaporizer

This product can only be shipped to a PACT Act approved registered business.

The Evolve 2.0 efficiently vaporizes e-juice, essential oils, and concentrates, all in an easy-to-use pod-based system that features specific pods for each material. Having a single pod for each material means that no matter what you’re vaping, you’ll only taste that specific material. Each pod is refillable and attaches to the battery with a magnetic connection. 

The e-juice and essential oil pods both feature an inert ceramic coil, making it perfect for heating thinner materials. For concentrates, Yocan equipped the Evolve 2.0 with a quartz dual coil. A 10-second preheat function is available for those that want a longer draw. 

Equipped with a 650mAh variable voltage battery, the Evolve 2.0 is controlled by a single button and offers three different voltages distinguished by color. Low voltage (white) provides a more flavorful experience; the middle (blue) is for balancing flavor and cloud size; the highest (green) is designed to amplify your cloud production. To toggle between voltages, click the power button three times until your preferred temperature is met. 


  • Refillable Pods
  • Preheat Function
  • 650mAh Battery
  • Single-Button Operation
  • Ceramic Coil
  • Dual Quartz Coil
  • 3 Voltage Settings


  • 4 PK | Concentrate Pods
  • 4 PK | E-Liquid Pods
  • 4 PK | Thick Oil Pods


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