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dabX rocket mk. 1 Concentrate Vaporizer


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The dabX rocket mk. 1 easily attaches to a standard glass rig to transform it into a top-shelf smart rig with a high-quality performance comparable to popular smart rigs on the market.

The rocket mk. 1 features custom intelligent heating profiles that heat concentrates at varying temperatures made to suit different types and amounts of material for unmatched flavor and voluminous clouds. The smart power unit senses the load size on the atomizer and automatically adjusts to accommodate the material for the perfect experience every time.

The dabX rocket mk. 1 is made from aerospace grade titanium and has no plastics in the vapor path for safe use and pure flavor and the reverse airflow atomizer pumps up the vapor for extra large clouds. This piece is also incredibly easy to clean. Simply take the unit apart once your session is finished, soak in isopropyl alcohol, rinse and air dry. 

Featuring a 1500 mAh battery, the rocket mk. 1 boast 30-50 uses per charge and a super-fast charging time of only 30 minutes using the included USB-C charging cable. No need to wait. The rocket mk. 1offers pass through charging so you can continue to use the device while it’s connected. 

Included Items

  • rocket mk. 1 device
  • smart power unit
  • second atomizer
  • titanium dab tool
  • usb-c charger
  • 3 spare o-rings
  • 14mm glass adapter stand
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DabX Rocket Mk. 1 Dab Glass Rig Vaporizer for Concentrates

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