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Our Strategy

At Greenlane, we are the driving force behind broadening accessibility to best-in-class ancillary products to the entire cannabis ecosystem. 

Greenlane is everywhere consumers are. We operate as a powerful house of brands, third-party brand accelerator, and omni-channel distribution platform, providing unparalleled product quality, customer service, compliance knowledge, and operations and logistics to create high visibility and accelerate our customers’ growth.

A Clear Mission

Family of Brands & Partners of Choice

We proudly own and operate a diverse and distinguished brand portfolio including the K.Haring Glass Collection by Higher Standards, Marley Natural™, and Groove™. Higher Standards, Greenlane’s flagship brand, offers both a high-end product line and an immersive retail experience with our groundbreaking store in New York City’s Chelsea Market. Greenlane’s award-winning Pollen Gear™ is a leading producer of premium customizable packaging solutions.


Greenlane is the distribution partner of choice for many of the industry’s leading brands including Eyce, DaVinci Vaporizers, VIBES™ Rolling Papers, Storz & Bickel (Canopy-owned), Cookies, Grenco Science and CCELL.

Brand Desire

We provide customers with options from “seed to sale” across a diverse range of products and help our multi-state operators accelerate growth. 

Customer Intimacy: With 17+ years of industry experience, Greenlane encompasses deep knowledge, expertise, and insight allowing us to intricately understand consumer habits, desires, and needs.


Customer Intimacy

Consumer Insight 


With 17+ years of industry expertise, Greenlane has developed a profound understanding of consumer habits and needs. 

Operating Leverage

From vision to execution to delivery, Greenlane provides top-notch customer service. We offer best-in-class product development, go-to-market strategy, sales and marketing support, customer service, direct-to-consumer fulfillment, supply chain management, and distribution.

Industry Leadership

Since 2005, Greenlane has served a diverse and expansive customer base. Our team of dedicated leaders, innovators, and experts keeps us at the forefront across every aspect of the cannabis industry. 

With a Solid Plan

To stay ahead in the dynamic cannabis industry, Greenlane is constantly forward-thinking. That is why we prioritize our technology, product development, and sophisticated platforms to provide our customers and consumers with the best products and services that meet their wants and needs.