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Eyce Counter Display - Bundle 1


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The Eyce 3-Tier Counter Display is a versatile, counter top display with 3 shelves, an acetate cover for safe storage, and clear and distinct branding for increased sell through. The counter display is designed to hold 3, specialty trays designed for the Eyce Spoon, Eyce Solo, and Eyce Shorty. Each tray slides easily onto the shelves of the display for easy stocking and cleanly shows all the products. The display has the ability to adapt to a variety of locations in your store - whether you flip it around for use on a back shelf or take the topper of for a more petite fit, there’s a fit for all locations.

With high quality craftsmanship and elevated branding, the Eyce 3-Tier Counter Display loaded with Eyce products is sure to be a shop favorite.



  • 1x 3-Tier Eyce Counter Display
  • 1x Shorty Tray
  • 1x Spoon Tray
  • 1x Solo Tray
  • 1x Sticker Sheet
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