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Eyce ORAFLEX Spoon Pop


The new Eyce ORAFLEX (Overmolded Rubber Art) series offers durability with eye-catching aesthetics and hand painted features. The ORAFLEX spoon pipe -- the first innovation in the series -- is designed with two layers of platinum-cured silicone. The glossy outer layer combines with the hand crafted inner layer and the classic ergonomic spoon shape, mirroring the look of the familiar hand-blown glass pipe. Take the worry away knowing this pipe is virtually indestructible, making it a good companion whether you’re at home or on-the-go.  

Available in 20 color and design variations, the patented ORAFLEX spoon is compact, maintains flower flavor, and is sure to outlast other pipes in your stash. The spoon contains a removable borosilicate glass bowl for easy cleaning and an ash poker for convenience.  


  • Ergonomic Spoon Pipe 
  • Hand Blown Glass Aesthetic 
  • Double-Layered Silicone 
  • Covered By Utility Patent 
  • Virtually Indestructible 
  • Removable Borosilicate Glass Bowl 
  • Available in 20 variations  
  • Compact - 4.25” x 2” x 1.75”