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Storz & Bickel Plenty

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Putting a new spin on classic whip-style vaporizers, the Plenty features a unique handheld design that sets it apart from every other unit. Instead of a traditional silicone whip, the Plenty features a high-quality stainless steel cooling coil, precise temperature adjustment between 266 °F and 395 °F, and is equipped with a double helix heat exchange to ensure efficient air heating.

Powerful and robust, the Plenty is a silent and lightweight vaporizer that produces thick vapor. Automatic shutoff and a bimetallic regulator provide for the safe operation of the Plenty. Offering first-class design, the Plenty incorporates a hybrid of convection and conduction heating to enhance the vaporization experience, maximizing flavor and efficiency. Engineered with a large, isolated loading chamber, the Plenty heats up in a matter of seconds.

  • Handheld & Ergonomic Design
  • Double Helix Heat Exchanger
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Easy-To-Read Temperature Dial
  • Combined Air & Radiation Heater
  • Cooling Coil
  • Automatic Shutoff
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