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VIBES - The Cali - 1 Gram


Entrepreneur and prolific Bay Area rapper, Berner, is introducing his most intimate pre-rolls yet—The Cali by VIBES™. The Cali is all about the detail and mimics Berner’s signature rolling style: a cylindrical pre-roll tube with a wide circumference that delivers optimal airflow, comfortable pulls, and a big-smoke experience.

The tips are developed to provide the stability needed to fill up the pre-roll, while also filtering out any unwanted particles. To complement a variety of dry herb types and smoking preferences, The Cali is offered in one, two, and three-gram pre-rolls, with four blend options: Ultra Thin, Rice, Hemp, and Organic Hemp.


  • Wide, Cylindrical Shape
  • Optimal Airflow
  • Big-Smoke Experience
  • Easy-To-Pack Design
  • Offered In 3 Sizes
  • 4 Blends Available
  • Cultivated In France
  • Hand-Rolled In Dominican Republic
  • Organic Acacia Gum